Be a Guest on RuPaul

At RuPaul, we’re looking for all sorts of stories to share. Tell us yours and a producer might just reach out to you! 

Here are some we’re looking for…


Walk the Runway

Do you think you have what it takes to walk RuPaul’s runway? Is it your dream to walk a runway, be in a fashion show … or maybe even show your own clothing line on a runway? If you got the chance to walk RuPaul’s runway… what would you do, what would you wear and why?

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Have you made a huge transformation in your life? How so? WHY did you change and HOW have you changed? Maybe there’s something transformative happening in your hometown, your neighborhood, at work or at school? Tell us about it! 

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Turn In a Friend for a Makeover

Do you know someone in your life who needs a life makeover? A wardrobe makeover? An attitude makeover? Maybe someone you know is stuck in a time warp and needs help getting to 2019! Turn in your friend by telling us how he/she needs help and why?!?

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What is Your Dream for Your Life?

Everyone has a dream… so what’s yours? What’s keeping you from achieving them? Have you put your dream on hold? Or maybe you have someone in your life who has a dream you want to help make come true. We can help!

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Your Inner Superhero

Have you found your inner superhero? How so? If you haven’t, tell us who you think your inner superhero is and what you plan on doing to find him/her?

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What’s Your Special Talent?

Do you have a special talent that no one else can do? What is it and how did you learn you could do it?

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Do Gooders! 

Do you (or someone you know) use your life for good, to help those around you? Do you help out in your community? Are you working to make the world a better place?

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Who Inspires You?

Tell us who in your life inspires you to life the best life possible? Who is that person and if you could repay them… what would you do?

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Questions for RuPaul

If you have a burning question for RuPaul… tell us what it is! 

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